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Mountain Biking is an exhilarating sport and there is nothing like it. You can ride alone or in a group. The work out is second to none and spend time in nature. It provides a challenge like no other sport. Your mental and physical strength is constantly being challenged whether it is a first ride of a trail or your 100th. This is the sport that separates the Women from the Girls. This site was started due to constantly being asked the following questions:

Many Ask How  Do I Get Started?

Where to I ride?

Who Do I Ride With?

What are the Best Shops?

This site will answer these questions based on the Mountain Biker Lady’s experience. She has been riding for over 5 years in Mountain Biking and Road Cycling Groups. You are invited to discover if this sport is for you. There are many resources on this site to get you started on a new adventure. It will challenge you like no other sport. If you feel so moved and want to support this site clicking and purchasing on these links are encouraged and will help support this site. If you find something useful please comment and give me feedback or on contrary you have concern or would like to see something added to site by all means use the contact us and send email. Would love to hear from you.
cathedral rock mountain biking photo
I have organized rides for the last several years and know the effort involved in finding new places to ride and accurate information. I do not however want to reinvent the wheel, so I keep it simple give a little info and a link to the best sources I know on the web (i.e. MTB Project and Trail Forks). Newer applications are being built that make our riding a little easier. I wanted to help people with a starting point to experience the best trails in AZ. You will also see some great pictures (Cathedral Rock off Cholla Trail to the Right). I do remember the days when I did not have GPS trail mapping as I rode through an uncharted area and it was a little too adventurous.


sedona mtbOne can never will know a trail until you ride it,  (Cathedral Rock to the right) . I also want to showcase all the wonderful groups, organizations and shops that support this sport and enrich the biking community  the great state of Arizona. Here is my tribute to you!











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